Follow up Techniques for Car Salespeople

How to Follow Up to Sell More Cars!

(or...How to do the stuff 98% of car salespeople DON'T do!)

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What you will get from this article.

This will not be a step by step--rather, it will be some ideas to help you prospect and sell more cars.

What is Follow Up?

Follow Up is simple. It is Keeping in touch with a customer or prospect!

There are two types of follow up. That which is done with "Sold Customers" and that which is done with "Un-Sold Prospects." Both are important.

Have you ever seen one of your previous customers come up and buy from someone else?

Have you ever seen the dude you talked to last week (the one who told you he had "to think about it"--they same one you never called back) come up and buy from someone else?

I have! LOL

Follow Up is the process of keeping your name in front of a customer or prospect and REMINDING THEM WHAT TO DO! It's that simple.

Sold Customer Follow up

Step 1: Call them immediately and thank them for their business. Ask how they're liking the car. Ask if they had any questions.

Step 2: Send them a hand written thank you card with a copy of your business card in it.

Step 3: Call them in 14 days to remind them about your C.S.I. (if you sell new cars.)

Step 4: Call them after 30 days and hit them up for referrals.

Step 5: Keep your name in front of them. Send a monthly newsletter, Christmas cards, birthday cards, call them once in a while "just to say hi" and always remind them to come and see you for all their vehicle needs. Make sure they bring their family!!!

Un-Sold Prospect Follow up

Step 1: As soon as they leave, give them a "great news" call--leave it on your answering machine or voice mail. "Jim, this is Marv--I have some great news for you. Call me at 555-5555 as soon as you get this!" If they call back, they are interested. The great news might be that you got a little more for their trade, maybe that you got a little better interest rate, another car in, etc.

Step 2: Immediately fill out a hand-written card thanking them for stopping by. Put your business card and remind them to ask for you when they come back.

Step 3: Call them to see if they got your card and to "see if they are still looking."

Step 4: Keep in touch with them. Always have some new information to give them when you call (I have another manager that wants to look at your trade) or even (We got another car in like the one you want.)

Step 5: Put them in Car Sales Assistant 12 and send them something once a month. Call them once in a while to "touch base" or "update your records." Even if they buy smomewhere else, send them a newsletter. Call them and tell them to use your service facilities. NEVER MAKE THEM FEEL BAD FOR BUYING SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! Treat them good because odds-are, their salesperson will never even call them to thank them for the sale.

Phone Up/Internet Follow Up

If a phone up or internet lead shows up, you have about a 50% chance of closing them (as opposed to 10-20% for a "fresh up.") Treat them like gold because they are golden!

Tip #1: Set an appointment and if they don't show up, call them to re-set another appointment.

Tip #2: If you have an appointment set, call them that morning to verify that they are still coming.

Tip #3: Always try to set the appointment over the phone. Don't try to sell and NEVER argue with a customer over price, etc. Swim with the current, not against it.

Keep in mind--Phone Ups and Internet Leads are the hottest leads out there. Get them to the dealership as fast as possible and do everything in your power to close them.