The Steps of the Sale for Selling Cars

Car Sales Techniques

How to Close More Customers and Sell More Cars

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What are the Steps of the Sale?

Actually--whatever it takes to sell a car!

I mention that whatever it takes to sell a car in a half-way joking manner because sometimes someone will walk up and say, "I want that car!" and hand you a blank check. It happens to all of us.

This small article is for the rest of the people--those who you need to lead into a sale--approximately 80% of the people out there.

By the way, if a customer ever does hand you a blank check and says, "I want that car," go straight to the paperwork step and do not pass "Go!"

The Main Purpose for Following the Steps of the Sale

To Control Your Customer and Sell a Car!

Step 1: Meet and Greet

Use a great greeting like, "Welcome to Marvelous Motors. My name is Biff, and you are?"

Do Not Use: "Can I help you?" or "Can I get someone for you?" or anything that can be answered with a yes or no. These are ways to CREATE OBJECTIONS like "I'm just looking."

Step 2: Prevent the "Skate"

Find out if the customer has been up here before and if so, are they dealing with anyone. Skates are bad all around--be ethical and it will come back to you.

So--ask, "Is this your first time up here or have you been here before?"

If first time, ROCK ON! If not, see if they are talking to someone.

Step 3: Ask Either/Or Questions to Determine Buyer's Needs

(This does not mean asking them their credit score, how much they want to spend, if there are here to do business today, etc.)

Ask if they are shopping for themselves or someone else.

Ask if they want a car, truck, or SUV.

Ask if they want a 2 Door or 4 Door.

Lighter color or darker one.

Basic car or more loaded get the picture!

Step 4: Determine Buying Motive or S.P.A.C.E.D.

People buy cars for one of 6 reasons every time. To find out what the reason is, ask them "What made you choose this car?"

By the way, the reasons are Safety/Security, Performance, Appearance, Comfort/Convenience, Economy and Dependability. (Mostly Economy now-a-days!)

Ever heard the phrase Hot Button? Well, that is the motivating factor that motivates your customer to buy a particular car. It might be styling, economy, room, etc. It will always be one of the S.P.A.C.E.D. items.

Step 5: Test Drive (Drive With Them!!!)

Some people say for you to drive first. I disagree. Let them drive and while they do, build rapport by getting to know them

Ask them yes/no questions pertaining to their Hot Button like, "This car sure is comfortable, isn't it?" if Comfort was their hot button. Always add a little "Isn't it?" at the end because when a customer says "Yes" they get closer to the sale.

Step 6: Trial Close at End of Test Drive

Find out if they might buy this car. Affirm that you think this is the perfect car for them and tell them to go ahead and park it in the "Sold Line" so no one else can get their car. Point to an area next to the dealership (or make up another "Sold Line") If they park it someone else or object, you have some work to do.

Step 7: Bring them Inside

Close at your desk, not outside.

Step 8: Attempt Another Trial Close

Get out your paperwork and starting writing down their info. Ask them, "How do you want to title this car--in just your name or both names?" If they answer that question without an objection, you are 90% there!!!

If they object (I'm not buying the car!) then overcome the objection. We'll have more articles about that later one.

By the way, if they ask, "What are you doing?" answer the question! "Filling out our paperwork so you guys can start enjoying your new car." If they don't object, you are 91% there!

Step 9: Close the on Figures***

I put *** there because sometimes, you don't need to tell them the figures. Just put it on the buyer's order and say, "Let me get you to OK this" and point where they need to sign. Sometimes you can take them directly into the F&I office and your Finance Manager will close them on payments.

Step 10: Overcome Objections (if Needed)

More articles on this later.

Step 11: Get Credit App, Copies of License and Insurance, etc.

Let the customer fill out the credit app and you just direct them if they missed a spot. Why shouldn't YOU fill it out? Check with your lawyer and you'll find out! LOL

Step 12: Good T.O. to your Business Manager

Make sure you don't tell them it is going to be 10 minutes if it will be an hour. Do a good introduction.

Step 13: Get it Cleaned and Gassed!!!

Do a Great

Step 15: (Reoccuring): Follow up with this customer. They will buy more cars in the future and they will have friends/family members who will also buy. Check out Car Sales Assistant for a great software tool to help you follow up.